Points with a Crew
Planning a surprise getaway

Once I finally decided on the location for the surprise getaway, now it's time to book it (while keeping things hush-hush!) See how I booked and picked the flights and... Read More

The Forward Cabin
The world’s safest city; an issue when using electronic devices in-flight; the most popular study abroad locations

The world's safest city, an issuing when using personal electronic devices in-flight, American's 2015 fleet plan and the most popular places to study abroad. The post... Read More

Will Run For Miles
Free Fitbit with TD Bank’s “Fiscally Fit” Campaign

Do you fondly remember the days of Toaster Oven giveaways from banks? Well now TD Bank is giving new customers free Fitbits. But is this a good deal? The post Free... Read More

Travel With Grant
Save $5 on your Comcast, Charter, Cox, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, and Dish with Chime Card

Good morning everyone, just a quick Chime Card deal to share this weekend. If you make a payment of $25 or more toward your Comcast, Charter, Cox, DirecTV, Time Warner... Read More

Travel Blawg
DEAL: 77%-84% Off HERO Travel Bags, Briefcases, Wallets

BIG sale on HERO brand travel bags, briefcases, passport holders, wallets | HERO branded products are animal-free and environmentally safe. The post DEAL: 77%-84% Off... Read More

Travel Blawg
FAA Warns Of Fire Risk From E-Cigarettes In Checked Bags

Fires Caused By Packed E-Cigarettes Lead To FAA Warning | by travel blogger Mark C. Palmer | The FAA says a fire risk exists from electronic cigarettes The post FAA... Read More

The Forward Cabin
Meal Review: American Airlines Chimichurri Beef Enchiladas

A review of American Airlines Chimichurri Beef Enchiladas in domestic First Class. The post Meal Review: American Airlines Chimichurri Beef Enchiladas appeared first on... Read More

Writing This So I Won’t Get Fined

In 2008 the Patriots lost to the awful Giants in Super Bowl XLII in Arizona when Laxative Burress reeled in an improbable catch from the luckiest QB of all time, Eli the... Read More

Efficient Asian Man
China 2014: High-Speed Train from Beijing to Shanghai

Because I had booked my flights as a roundtrip in/out of Shanghai, I had to get back to Shanghai for my departure (I had initially booked this trip using a US Airways... Read More

Don’t Call the Airline!
€20 off hotel/car rental, NO MINIMUM!

Many thanks to flyinghigh77 for posting this on Flyertalk AMEX Travel Germany is offering a promo code, jetztamex, that discounts €20 off a hotel or... Read More

Out and Out
Using credit cards + REDbird to pay off large debts – and earn major points

This topic came up a lot last night at the NYC Miles and Points Meetup, so I thought I’d do a post about it. Lots of people were planning to use REDbird +... Read More

The Forward Cabin
Uber 15% Off in DC, Guaranteed Arrival Within 10 Minutes or 25% Off Next Ride

Uber is reducing their costs for UberX service in Washington DC by 15%. They're also providing a 10-minute guarantee where if your driver doesn't arrive within that... Read More

The Jetsetter's Homestead
Eating in Cars

I have no dignity left. Every so often on the road I have a flashpoint where I realize something about myself.  On one particular day,  I lost my dignity... Read More

Travelling the World
Intra-European Flights – Money or Miles?

Intra-European flights are really nice because as everything in Europe is close, you can literally be somewhere in under two hours by plane. This makes it very... Read More

Points, Planes and Passports
Review: LAN Economy Class Santiago to Sao Paulo on the B787

I was scheduled to have about an hour and twenty minutes on the ground in Santiago between my incoming flight … Continue Reading → The post Review: LAN... Read More

Travel With Grant
Reminder: OC Meetup at In-N-Out Saturday January 31 at 6PM

Good morning everyone, this is just a friendly reminder for all readers in the Orange County area. Please join me and many others like me for dinner at In-N-Out as we... Read More

The Forward Cabin
What does Coca-Cola have to do with airline fuel and ticket prices?

If the price of sugar were to go down, would the price of Coca-Cola? The same goes for the airlines as ticket prices remain the same despite the lower cost of fuel. The... Read More

Travel Blawg
Denver Airport’s Ban On Marijuana Themed Merchandise: Constitutional?

Is such a ban on selling, and even wearing, marijuana-theme merchandise constitutional? Is this a reasonable protection of a public interest? The post Denver... Read More

Andy's Travel Blog
Timelapse videos of Hong Kong and Houston

I've been shooting some time-lapse videos again, enjoy! The post Timelapse videos of Hong Kong and Houston appeared first on Andy's Travel Blog. Read More

Three Little [Red] Birds

Rise up this mornin’, Smile with the risin’ sun, Three little [red] birds Each by my doorstep Singin’ sweet songs Of melodies pure and true,... Read More

Efficient Asian Man
China 2014: Hiking the Great Wall (and Getting Fleeced by Older Chinese Women)

The hostel that we stayed at also organized trips to the Great Wall, including a trip to hike from Jinshanling to Simatai. I highly recommend this section of the wall,... Read More

Points with a Crew
Why it pays to check the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall before transferring points

Looking to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to hotel or airline partners? Travel expert Dan Miller shows why it pays to check the Ultimate Rewards mall before you... Read More

Travel With Grant
Hard Rock Rewards: Earn a Free Night After 5 Paid Nights

In response to increased competition in the hospitality space and statistics showing that less than 40% of program members actually accrue points toward redemption, Hard... Read More

Points, Planes and Passports
Review: LAN Economy Class New York – JFK to Santiago on the B787

I recently attempted a weekend trip to Iguazu Falls, Argentina and failed miserably.  So many things went wrong that ultimately … Continue Reading → The... Read More

The Reward Boss
20 FREE Rides ($20 each) – LYFT Launches in Philadelphia

Lyft launches in Philadelphia… offers 20 Free Rides ($20 each)!  Similar to other Pioneer city launches (NYC, Chicago, Boston), Lyft is giving away 20 free... Read More

Travel With Grant
New Vanilla Reload Flex Load Cards at Walgreens (Cash Only)

Yesterday, I stopped by Walgreens to pick up a PayPal My Cash Card and saw the new Vanilla Reload Flex Load Cards on the gift card rack. I picked it up and looked on... Read More

The Forward Cabin
American Airlines CEO: “We are not asking our customers to be happy with anything.”

When a CEO tells the media, “We are not asking our customers to be happy with anything,” you know there’s an issue. American’s 4th quarter... Read More

Will Run For Miles
UPDATE: BigCrumbs Confirms Fraudulent Activity and Unauthorized Access to Accounts

Yesterday, the BigCrumbs Website was down.  The message reported that the site was down in order to investigate possible fraudulent activity.  Today, the... Read More

Travel Blawg
50% Off Valentine’s Day Flowers, Gourmet Cookies – Buy Now, Gift Later!

Buy Now To Save! A little planning ahead pays off for half price flowers, gourmet cookies, and great savings on other gifts from $6 - $1999! The post 50% Off... Read More